Our principal services are:

Marble Polishing

A newly laid high shine marble floor looks absolutley beautiful, but unfortunately over time the marble can loose its luxurious shine. So what can you do to re-polish your marble floors?

Fortunately, we can do the hard work for you, we have polishing machine to repolish your floor and makes it look like the first day.

Marble Restoration

Unfortunately sometimes marble needs to be restored. We do this using epoxy resins and sanding discs, which we mix and match to the colour of your marble. The repair is then sanded and polished to match the shine of your marble surface. Where appropriate marble dust is used to match the marble. Sealing which is very effective in reducing the chances of damage to your marble, so we would recommend ensuring your marble is sealed to help prevent future restoration expenses.

Bath Countertop Restoration

We are especialist in Bath Counter Marble Restoration

Marble Maintenance

All marble needs to be sealed with an impregnating or penetrating sealer, in order to protect the marble from staining, damage, wear and cracking. Similarly old marble floors and surfaces should be cleaned and sealed regularly in order to maintain the life, shine and beauty of the marble. We can not stress enough, how important it is to seal your marble floors; a professional marble tiler or restorer should never leave a marble floor without sealing it properly with a professional use sealer. Marble floors left unsealed are at considerable risk of damage. If you are unsure which sealer to use, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!